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“Thank you,!!! ... for creating such a wonderful experience for my daughter, Makayla. She loves the WisieKidsPlace and is learning all about Dreams and Goals, and that makes Mommy very happy. Hi to Uncle Wisie from Makayla!!”
- Kacy Thomas, Acworth, GA
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About Us
Company Background and Purpose
Management Team
Company Background and Purpose

Our company is the brain-child of Tom Cramer, its Editor in Chief. Tom came up with it following his dear father's persistent urging that Tom create a company that would serve the development of children. When Tom finally accepted this mission, his business background and expertise led him to the conclusion that for this day and age the most appropriate form of that business would be Internet membership web sites.

To produce the web sites, Tom recruited some of the very best "masters" of creative Internet development and marketing on the planet.

To fill the site with worthwhile content, he (somehow, magically) attracted his divine soulmate, Marilyn Cramer, and Bob Lancer, whose lives have been dedicated to serving the fulfillment of the glorious human potential of children and adults.

We at Wisie are committed to providing the highest quality presentations of positive, empowering life-wisdom for personal development, meaningful success, and loving relationships. We believe that every human being not only has the potential for greatness, but a real inner calling to fulfill that purpose in service of the world. It is our calling to help in the actualization of that potential.

The aim of our products and services is to provide what we believe to be essential wisdom and inspiration for enhancing the quality of the lives of the adults and children we serve, and through those individuals, the lives of all those they impact.

It is our hope that the educational and entertaining experiences provided by Wisie, Inc. will make a crucial, positive difference in our world.

In order to reach this ideal, prior to launching the business, we invested over 35,000 man hours in research and development and the materialization of our 4 web sites:

Our Dream:

Our Dream is to release in ALL adults, and in children, the Power to Dream great Dreams, and the Wisdom to make those Dreams come true.


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Management Team
Tom Cramer
Founder and Editor in Chief

Tom Cramer is Founder and Editor in Chief of Wisie, Inc with vast experience in entrepreneurship, business leadership coaching, and building successful business startups.

In 2010, Tom founded, the first-of-its-kind website for delivering daily wisdom through 90-second videos that reach the inbox of subscribed members every weekday.

It was Tom's first step towards fulfilling what his father, Walter Cramer, had inspired him to do … and that is – use his entrepreneurial skills to reach out to the millions of people and bring to them the “art of living” – the wisdom and importance of integrity, fairness, patience, responsibility, respect, friendship, love and relationships. has now built up a power-packed group of specifically positioned sister websites that deliver daily inspiration, motivation, guidance, advice and wisdom for self improvement on the three key areas of human life – success, relationships and children.