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When Someone Hurts Your Feelings

Though your feelings get hurt at times, try to not hurt others' feelings. The sad way it makes you feel is how others feel when someone acts unkindly toward them.

Having Patience Brings Many Rewards

Having patience with yourself while learning new things will bring big rewards. The greatest things in life take time to create.

What You Love About Your Life

Making a list of all the things that you love about your life will help you to feel happy and grateful. Being grateful will bring more beauty and abundance to you.

You Can Do It!

You can do it! It may not happen quickly and it may not be that easy, but you really can do what you really want to.

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What People Say

Thank you,!!! ... for creating such a wonderful experience for my daughter, Makayla.

She loves the WisieKidsPlace and is learning all about Dreams and Goals, and that makes Mommy very happy.

Hi to Uncle Wisie from Makayla!!

– Kacy Thomas, Mom, Acworth, GA