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“Thank you,!!! ... for creating such a wonderful experience for my daughter, Makayla. She loves the WisieKidsPlace and is learning all about Dreams and Goals, and that makes Mommy very happy. Hi to Uncle Wisie from Makayla!!”
- Kacy Thomas, Acworth, GA
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Q: What do you mean by the term "Wisies"?
A: We create short video's that contain Inspirational messages of Wisdom. We refer to them as "Wisies". 

Q: Who should become a member? Who is this for?

A: We have something for both parents and children:

Membership includes the two categories.
About Membership.

Q: What age range is the content aimed at for the Children’s Wisies?
A: Parents and Children in the age range of 3-10. We suggest that you watch the Daily Wisies with your child and then have a brief discussion afterword.

Q: Who Writes the Wisies?
A: We have various authors, and much of the content is created by our Chief Wisie Wizard, Bob Lancer and our Editor and Vice President, Marilyn Cramer. 

Q: How often are the Wisies made available?
A: Once per week, 52 weeks per year.

Q: I’m having trouble viewing the Wisies?
A: Viewing the Wisies require Macromedia Flash Player (version 5 or higher) which is already installed on most computers when you receive the computer from the store. To install this now on your computer go to Install Flash Player.

Q: I’m not receiving your emails. What should I do?
A: Your email service provider may use filters that prevent you from receiving or properly viewing our emails in your inbox. Please check your spam folder (sometimes also referred to as the junk mail folder) to see if our emails are there.

To prevent this from happening in the future, please add to your address book. If you do not know how to do this, click on WhiteListing Instructions for more detailed information on your specific email service provider.
Q: I'm not receiving the Wisies. What could be wrong?

A: The Wisies are sent via email. When you receive the email there will be links in the body of the email that will take you to the Wisies.

First, check your spam folder (sometimes also referred to as the junk mail folder) to see if anything is there. If not, try Whitelisting our email address. The directions for that are in the answer to the question just above this question. Once you do that, wait to see if you receive the next email. Wisie emails are sent once per week. If that does not work, contact us through the "Contact Us" link on the site and tell us what is happening. We will then make sure you are in our data base and will also  send you a test email.
Q: How do I cancel my membership?

A: To cancel your membership, click on the My Account link in the upper right had corner of the screen. Then click on the Cancel Membership link and follow the instructions.

Q: How do I find Wisies (Wisdom Video's) about a particular topic?

A: We are accumulating all Wisies into an Archive. Click on the Wisies Archive link that is on every page. You can search on whatever topic you like. This feature is available only to Members.

Q: Why do the Children's Wisies repeat?

A: To insure the most lasting and powerful outcome for our children, they need to experience repetition. It is through repetition that values and ideas become habits which ultimately are the foundation of building character. Parents, please note the evolution of thought in your children, as you talk about the same Wisie when it is played months later. You will notice that your children are growing emotionally and intellectually. Each time you watch the same value with your child(ren), take the conversation about the value or idea to a deeper level. Our Children's Wisies were not created to "entertain" your children. There are many forms of entertainment for children. Our Wisies were created to aid you in having important developmental conversations with your children that will establish and strengthen the values and ideas that you hold dear.

Q: Can I post Wisies on my site?

A: No. Wisies are copyrighted and available only for viewing on our website. However, you can post Wisie Summaries (Thought for the Day) on your site.

Q: What if I experience a hesitation when playing the video's?

A: Wisie video's are played using the latest Internet video technology. Due to Internet traffic or variances in your connection speed, there occasionally may be slight hesitations. If you experience this, we recommend that you close any other open windows or applications other than your Internet browser. Also, If you are sharing your connection to the internet with other people or family members, if another person is downloading or uploading something, this can consume most of your bandwidth, and your internet connection may temporarily run slow.

Q: What if the person that I send a Personalized Wisie to did not receive it?

A: When this happens it is usually because the email that contains the link to the Personalized Wisie got stuck in the person's spam folder. Please ask the person to check their spam folder of his/her webmail account or email program. If it is found in the spam folder, you can ask them to mark it as "not spam", and they will be able to see the email and receive future emails like this.

Q: How do I renew my Membership?

A: Your Membership is automatically renewed for you. If you do not want the Membership to renew, go to the My Account section, click on the Cancellation link and follow the instructions. 

Q:Your Web Site is running slow. Could it be something wrong with my computer?

A: If you do not occasionally "clean out" temporary internet files and other unnecessary files from your computer, your computer will eventually slow down, and our web site will run slower. If you have a Windows PC or Laptop, you can download a free program called "CCleaner" at If you run this program once every week or two, your computer will run faster, and our web site will run faster. Also, make sure you do not have more than one program open when running web sites. If you try these two things, and you find that our site is still running slow, please contact us through the "Contact Us" page.