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Parenting Skills and Guide

Useful tips for parents to improve their parenting skills for raising children effectively and successfully.

Positive Discipline is about teaching children, in a loving way, to behave well ON THEIR OWN. It is also about teaching children to heed our directions when we need to direct.

Being a good parent does NOT require punishing the child. Punishing children does not teach them how to get along with others – it teaches them to get back at others.

Raising kids responsibly includes raising them to follow rules. And defiance means ignoring rules. But sometimes it is better to break a rule than to obey it.

Alert responsiveness is a core-skill for raising children. Non-responsiveness to children's non-verbal and verbal cues teaches children to behave outrageously for control.

A child "not listening" is the most common complaint that I hear at my parenting classes. Begin solving this problem by recognizing how you listen poorly to your child!

At all times, function with calm self-confidence. The moment you begin to feel overwhelmed in parenting, GUIDE YOURSELF to begin easing up on YOU.

The relationship between parents and children can be like a roller coaster ride. These helpful tips will guide you to a better family life.

It may not be easy to ask for parenting help but there are tips to learn the best ways to raise your child without being embarrassed to ask.

Get the best advice on recognizing when your child is ready for potty training and learn to get him out of diapers.

You can teach your children not to talk back with these tips for raising kids.

Losing teeth can be scary for children. This is a normal child development stage however; every child reacts differently to losing their teeth. Learn the various child behaviors that are associated with tooth loss and how to deal with them when raising children.

Raising kids that have a fear of the dark is never easy. Positive parenting experts suggest that the best help for parents who are raising kids that are afraid of the dark is simply to have patience. These simple parenting tips can provide the help for parents dealing with this problem.

Good parenting supports the child’s goodness. Parents need tips for nurturing and protecting the child’s goodness. To support your child’s goodness, you have to CONSCIOUSLY connect with the child’s heart.

To manifest more order, harmony and cooperation in child-parent relationships, the parent needs to function in particular ways. Your attitude plays a huge role in the conditions that you manifest.

Parent reactions influence the child in subtle ways. One of the crucial parenting skills for achieving the results you want involves paying attention to your child’s reaction to YOUR reaction.

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