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Daily Parents Guidance

Here are twelve mother quotes regarding parenting that fathers can certainly benefit from pondering:

  • I understand that how I see my child in my mind is a form of self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • I envision my child as a winner, as I feel confident in my child’s ability to successfully meet life’s challenges.
  • To be the best mother I can be, I seek out, contemplate and strive to incorporate positive tips for parenting.
  • I believe in my own ability to lead a successful life, understanding that self-confidence relieves me of stress that would otherwise cause me to be too impatient with my child.
  • I don’t only want to be a truly great parent for my kids, I CHOOSE to be that.
  • I reject worry, understanding that my child does need me to worry about her, but rather to believe in her.
  • I consistently envision the life I want for my family and discard any doubt that it can be.
  • I am committed to taking good care of myself, based on the understanding that I cannot take the best care of my family when I’m feeling run-down.
  • Understanding that my children are influenced by everything I do, I will examine myself to see how my behavior contributes to the behaviors they display.
  • I commit to living each day in a rush-free way, based on the understanding that rush makes me too stressful to connect well with my child.
  • I will observe my child closely to relate with him AS HE IS instead of as he was or how I presume him to be.
  • I will work everyday on being more loving, kind and considerate of my child’s feelings even when I need to be firm.

Obviously these mother quotes apply to all parents. They guide moms and dads in wise parenting.

Here are four more:

  • I will offer my child the help she needs to do her very best in all areas of life, but not help TOO much, for that would make her more dependent, not independent.
  • I regard parenting as a creative process, realizing that everything I say, think, feel and do influences my child’s development and contributes to the creation of who he becomes.
  • I will practice being alertly aware during my daily interactions with my child, so that I can most accurately recognize and most adeptly respond to the real needs that he expresses.
  • I will review any difficult experiences I have with my child to consider how I might improve my handling of similar situations in the future.

Use these mother quotes as practical tips for parents. You might choose one a day to focus on. They can operate as a daily guide for improved results with your child. To make them most effective, write down on an index card the one you want to work on for that day. Carry the card around with you and periodically review it to help you to stay on track.

As you incorporate in your daily parenting the guidance contained in these mother quotes, you’ll feel more in control, and your child’s positive behavior will blossom.

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