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Parenting Tips – Fun Activities for Parents and Children

By Noah Brown   |  Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

“The deeds of the children are a testament to the upbringing they received from their parents.”

                                    ~ Christopher Paolini


In order to build a strong child parent relationship, parents and children need to spend time together having fun.


Bonding time makes parenting kids much easier because the children are more relaxed with their parents.

Parenting kids is easier if you let yourself have fun and enjoy spending time with them



Think back to your own childhood and decide which memories are the best ones. Were they the times that you were having fun with your family or were the times that you were being told to clean your room, lower your radio or do your homework?


The fondest memories are always of good times and your kids deserve to have great memories. It is more difficult for working parents to allot the time for fun activities with their kids but it is essential if they wish to create a lifelong bond with them.


Monthly Crafts

It’s a known fact that kids love to do crafts. They enjoy taking a variety of items and making them into pieces of art. It is a great technique to instill wisdom in children Also, parents and children can have a great time creating things for holidays and events. It also provides you ample opportunities to teach your child discipline while inspiring creativity in them.


You can create a special craft for every month. Whether you are making a collage of autumn leaves for Thanksgiving or a beautiful bouquet of crepe paper flowers, the time that you spend together will improve your parent child relationship.


Daily Play

“Children’s games are hardly games. Children are never more serious than when they play.”

                           ~ Montaigne


Give your child a healthy atmosphere at home.

Family is the first home and parents are first teachers of children.


Parents and children should find the time to play together daily. You don’t need to set aside a lot of time for play but fifteen minutes to an hour before or after dinner should be sufficient for weekdays. Play could be tossing the baseball back and forth, a game of checkers or simply thumb wrestling.

The activity really doesn’t matter so long as you interact. This will improve your parent child relationship. Working parents tend to tell their kids they are too tired to play but those parents need to wake up and realize that their children’s lives will pass them by if they don’t take the time to enjoy them now.


Weekly Game Night

Many parents and children enjoy playing board games together. Not only is this a good time to improve a parent child relationship but it can also be an educational activity. A lot of board games force the child to count, to read or make strategic decisions. These skills can help your child with his academic achievements too.


A child’s self-esteem can also be improved while playing board games with his family. Working parents should make the time to play games with their kids. They also need to shut off their cell phones and use the time to bond with their kids and work on the parent child relationship.


The Annual Family Vacation

All parents and children start looking forward to their next vacation as soon as they arrive home from the one they were just on. Let’s face it; people love their vacations. After working hard all year long, families should be excited to spend time together away from home.


Experiencing new places, people and things is fun for both parents and children. Leaving the day to day grind of work and school is refreshing and rejuvenating. The annual family vacation should be “in the works” at least six months before it actually happens.


You should select a few destinations that are within your budget and then hold a family meeting. At this meeting, both parents and children should state their opinions about each vacation spot and why they think that their choice is best.


Of course, the ultimate decision will be yours alone but it is nice to include the kids and take their opinions and ideas seriously. You very well might be surprised at the choices that they make for family vacation time.


Help Your Child Explore Her Innate Strengths

By Marilyn Cramer   |  Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Parents need to fill a child’s bucket of self-esteem so high that the rest of the world can’t poke enough holes to drain it dry

~ Alvin Price

The love and support of the parents create champions.

Children need your continuous support to prosper and attain success.


Parenting Tips About Children Following Rules

By Bob Lancer   |  Monday, January 14th, 2013

It’s important for us to guide children to follow rules.


Unruly Child Behavior

We cannot allow our children to display disrespectful, inconsiderate, or self-centered behavior past a certain point.

The child who slips into unruly behavior on a routine basis forms disorderly behavior habits that produce problems in school.


Unruly behavior translates into a child who oversteps bounds in relationships, which causes problems for the child socially.  For instance, kind and caring children will avoid the child who routinely acts too wildly and treats them insensitively.


If the unruly child behavior pattern continues for too long, it turns into a serious character weakness in adulthood, limiting the individual’s ability to support himself/herself, making that individual overly dependent upon others rather than becoming a contributing member of society.


In the extreme, unruliness child behavior patterns that go unchecked can descend into criminality.


Helping our children to respect and follow rules, therefore, is crucial for helping them to lead successful lives of contribution, to enjoy close relationships with wonderful people, and to avoid becoming a burden to society.


However, there are times when there is something more important to a child’s well-being and to child development than being forced to follow rules.


Sometimes we need to cut the child some slack, allow for some unruliness, to permit the child freedom in honor of the child’s sacred, loving heart.


Create Happy Children

The best way to make children good is to make them happy. ~ Oscar Wilde

Children, like adults, need to feel basically good inside to do their best.  The adult who just does what is expected – or what he believes is expected – without regard to how he feels, turns out to be an unhappy person no matter how many symbols of success he achieves.


There are limits to everything, including how much we really need to conform to rules.  We not only need to respect boundaries – we also need to feel free, to be a little silly, to be a little daring JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT – and so do our children.


Of course we need to keep unruliness within bounds to some degree.  We cannot allow our children to display disrespectful, inconsiderate, or self-centered behavior past a certain point.  We cannot passively abide displays of cruelty or senseless destruction to property.


But we DO need to recognize, through alert and deep attentiveness to the child’s feelings in the now, when to stop harping on following rules and allow the child to be free enough to delight in the joy of childhood.


The fact is that happy children tend to demonstrate more considerate and responsible behavior than unhappy children.


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