Improve Your Parent Behavior For Child Behavior Improvement

By   |  March 26th, 2013

Child behavior improvement often requires parent behavior improvement first.


When scolding your child, what are you telling him about himself?


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At the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed one more test, not winning one more verdict or not closing one more deal. You will regret time not spent with a husband, a friend, a child, or a parent. ~ Barbara Bush

Do you call him a lackadaisical dreamer, dishonest, responsible, lazy?


On a subconscious level the child believes what we tell him about himself and that programs him to live consistently with that belief.


Telling a child that she’s acting like a baby, that she is always looking for the easy way out, that she is content to do the least possible in school, that she’s a show-off gives that child’s subconscious a negative message that undermines the child’s ability.


Calling a child sloppy, telling him he never listens, complaining that he is being difficult, uncooperative, self-centered, overly demanding is like calling FOR more of that undesirable behavior.


When we become frustrated with our children it is really not their fault.  We are coming to the end of our patience, but that’s no excuse for projecting negative influences upon them.


In parenting, we need to be present, to avoid focusing so much on making our children “right” that we overlook how “wrongly” we are going about it.


When we parents catch ourselves in the act of projecting our own negativity onto the child, we can redirect our attention to ourselves, recognize any mistakes we are making, and begin correcting our own behavior then and there.


The next time you hear yourself complaining to your child, calling him stupid, unfocused, unreliable, unkind, thoughtless or “a downer”, focus on improving your own behavior in the present moment.


When you see how you are mishandling the situation you can begin handling the situation better, and produce better results.


Remain self-aware to recognize your need for improved SELF discipline in your efforts to get your child to be more disciplined.


Concentrate on improving your handling of your child’s behavior and you will find yourself being more successful in your efforts to bring out better behavior from your child.


Really face the ways that you want to improve your responses to your child, your way of speaking with her, your way of attempting to correct, control and improve her character, attitude and actions.


As we honestly work on improving our ways of parenting, we raise our child more effectively and enjoy a happier, better behaving child AND adult.


Let’s practice being more self-aware in our parenting to recognize when we need to improve our parent behavior for child behavior improvement.

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