Motivated Kids Can Make A Big Difference

By   |  April 17th, 2012

6-Year-Old Raises $10K To Help Ailing Dad


Positive Parenting Raises Motivated Kids

Six-year-old Drew Cox selling lemonade to help raise funds for his father's medical bills. Pic courtesy:

A 6-year-old boy from Gladewater, Texas has done what most adults would not be able to do. Drew Cox, 6, raised $10,000 at a lemonade stand to help his father Randy Cox who had been diagnosed with Seminoma cancer three months ago.


Setting an inspiring example of what a caring child can do, Drew set up a lemonade stall on Walnut Street, Saturday, April 14, to help raise funds for his father’s medical bills. As the word spread about this little boy’s brave effort, cars and people queued up to support his cause by buying a cup of lemonade for 25 cents. By the end of the day, the earnings had reached a whopping $10,000.


The beautiful child-parent relationship between this ailing father and his doting son was evident in Drew’s words about his father. “He is so important to me. We like to play with each other. Lots of times we like to play games,” Drew said on KLTV.


Drew’s feat is reminiscent of the 4-year-old Alexandra “Alex” Scott, who, battling with a form of childhood cancer – neuroblastoma since before her first birthday, had decided to set up a lemonade stand to raise money for her doctors to help find a cure for all kids with cancer.


“Alex was just four-years-old when she asked my wife if she could hold a lemonade stand when she was released from the hospital. When asked what she wanted to do with the money, Alex said she wasn’t keeping it, but instead giving it to her doctors to help find a cure for all kids with cancer. And so, our lemonade crusade began,” writes Jay Scott, Alex’s father and Co-Executive Director, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, in


Positive Parenting Techniques

Parenting kids is also about inspiring children to do their bit to make the world a better place

Alex, with the help of volunteers across the country raised over $1 million in her lifetime (she passed away in 2004). But her legacy was carried on by parents who have raised over $50 million toward finding a cure for cancer.


Motivated kids set precedents which even adults may find hard to match. It is essential for parents to instill this wisdom in children that they too can make a difference.


When you help develop in your child the vision to see beyond his own self and the ability to think for others’ welfare, you motivate your child to grow as a caring, helpful, kind and compassionate human being.


Parenting kids is not only about making sure they have the good things of life. It’s about inspiring children to do their bit to make the world a better place.


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